New Construction Home Inspections

Home inspectors can help you find problems in your new house. When you hire Watts Home Inspections, we will check if the roof was installed properly; verify space to hold all the appliances including furnace, water heater etc;  inspect the insulation; check the installation house siding; ventilation and insulation in crawlspaces; and roof and frame structure.

New houses should always have inspections because they’re complicated systems. Structural issues could cause problems later on.

Why get a New Construction Inspection?

Buying a new home is an enjoyable experience from selecting the floor plan to choosing paint colors. However, there are also some things that are very important to consider when buying a new home. A home inspection shows you exactly what problems may be lurking inside your new home. This means you won’t have to worry about any surprises later on.  If something goes wrong with your new home, you’ll be glad you had a home inspection done.
Building a house is a complicated process involving many different people and companies working together on a single project. Each person or company may be unaware of what the others are doing. So it’s nearly impossible for the builder(s) to watch every phase of construction. Even the most careful builders it is possible to miss things.
You should always get a home inspection before moving into a new home. Otherwise, you might end up buying a home that needs repairs.   New homes have many problems that aren’t obvious.  Contact Watts Home Inspections of Carolina before buying a new home.
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